Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hello and welcome to my first post on the new site. Well as you know the 'official' release date of 'Wolf Song' is approaching on May 11th. So what have I learned as the time is finally winding down for release? That now the work REALLY starts! I have to get the word out that I have an incredible story for people to discover and enjoy. Now the question is how!

     I have spent hours now, trying (and hopefully succeeding) in getting the book out to reviewers. I am not a big Six published author, so Newsweek, ABC and NBC somehow don't think it is worth their time to review me. (Yet!) Well, one would think there are a ton of reviewers out there for books, especially with all the blogs and new-fangled technology that's around now.

     Truth is there are many, but as I found out in the publishing world, many aren't interested in your genre. If they are, then they're typically backed up for months and then you have to hope they like your book. A review is NOT a guarantee that they will have something positive to say about it. I have seen anything from snarky to downright anger in some reviewers. It's kind of scary to put your baby out there in that environment.

     As always this is in no way a complaint. When I started this, I promised to share what happens along the way with trying to get your story to the readers, and this in all its warty glory is it. It is still so exciting, but I am worried that my book will falter just because not enough people know it's out there or that it even exists.

I know its a good book, and if you have read it, you know it is a good book. Those of you who know me personally, know that I am not a prideful person, I don't brag on myself (what's the point) but I REALLY do believe in this story. So if you have been with me so far, hang in there, you will see just how good the book is. And if you are a new viewer, thanks for coming and I hope you will be entertained! 

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